Ultra-Short-Throw Projectors

Pushing the boundaries of projection

Epson Ultra-Short-Throw Projectors

Epson’s Ultra-short-throw technology pushes the boundaries of projection, creating impactful and engaging presentations in any sized room. For the ultimate interactive experience, two of the projectors in the Ultra-short-throw range include inbuilt interactive capabilities allowing any projection surface to become an interactive one.

What is an Ultra-short-throw projector?

A projector you can use in any size room. Epson’s Ultra-short-throw technology allows the projector to be mounted just centimetres away from the wall. This is particularly beneficial in smaller rooms as Ultra-short-throw projectors don’t need as much space as traditional projectors, which makes it easy to create large, impactful screens in even the smallest room. Another benefit is that the projector virtually eliminates the problem of shadows on the screen, which makes it much easier to interact with the projection.

What is the Epson interactive projector and how does it work?

The Epson EB-450Wi and EB-460i Ultra-short-throw interactive projectors turn any standard whiteboard or smooth surface, such as a wall, into an interactive one due to the fact the interactive capabilities are built into the projector rather than the surface.

Epson’s interactive projectors work by utilising Infra-Red technology. The interactive pen acts as a mouse and communicates with the CCD (charge-coupled device) camera in the projector which detects the position of the pen on the screen, making it possible to make and save notes and drawings. The downloadable interactive toolkit offers a simple suite of tools allowing the user to draw and highlight electronically on the image.

Brilliant quality

The Epson Ultra-short-throw range features up to 3000 lumens colour light output offering a strong blend of brightness and resolution and the Epson EB-440W, EB-450W and EB-450Wi offer WXGA resolution, allowing users to fully leverage widescreen notebooks or tablets and widescreen DVD content.

Who would use the Epson Ultra-short-throw projector range?

The Epson Ultra-short-throw projector range has been widely implemented in the education market, helping teachers make their lessons interactive and fun at a lesser cost than a traditional projector and interactive whiteboard. However the interactive projectors are equally invaluable in the corporate environment enabling presenters to add notes or drawings and save them directly to the presentation or to use the interactive flip charts. In the future we fully expect the success of this product to continue as new applications are found particularly as the first generation of ‘interactive’ school children become today’s junior management and expect the tools in the boardroom to match those of the classroom.

The flexibility of installation means that Epson’s Ultra-short-throw projectors are already being adopted in a wide range of environments including nightclubs and snooker halls.

*Ultra-short-throw projectors: EB-440W, EB-450W and EB-460
*Ultra-short-throw interactive projectors: EB-450Wi and EB-460i